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    We deliver effective online marketing

    WHAT WE WANT TO OFFER Multichannel online marketing

    According to us, this is the key to success! Leverage media to make your business an outstanding success in the industry!

    What we want to offer
    BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Effective marketing is digi

    Marketing in business, is a fundamental activity that should be taken into consideration at the very beginning of the adventure of your business.

    Find out why!

    Meet us

    We are Strategic Ways and we believe that marketing is DIGI.

    Year after year, the number of Internet users is growing. What’s more, according to surveys, the percentage of users who verify an offer online in detail before they make a purchase decision is increasing. It would be suicidal not to promote yourself online in such a situation. And yet, in spite of this, there are still many companies postpone taking appropriately selected, planned, regular promotional activities on the Internet. The reasons can be many but the effect is always the same – lack of visibility, which causes companies to take away their sales opportunities.

    We have noticed this and that is why Strategic Ways was created. To support companies in building visibility on the web, and as a result on building engaged communities of users (in Strategic Ways we say tribes) around their brands. By having a large tribe around your brand, across multiple communication channels, you have the opportunity to interact frequently and thus increase your chances of achieving your business goals.

    What you will gain from working with us:


    We effectively achieve your company’s marketing goals. Whether you are just building a brand and want to increase its visibility, or have conversion goals. As long as it’s related to online marketing, we’ll help with it.


    We focus on transparency at every stage of the cooperation. After each month, we prepare effectiveness reports for each client. In addition, we have a dedicated project manager for each client, who will answer any questions at any time.


    We rely on constant communication and conversation. Nothing keeps us as busy as your success. That’s why we’re the agency you’ll manage to get status updates from and who, if they need information, asks, not avoids.


    My name is Bartosz Pudełko and I am the founder of Strategic Ways digital marketing agency.

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    What we do for our clients

    Every company is a different story

    At Strategic Ways, we love getting to know them. We also care about finding out what kind of situation you’re in. This will help us take the right action to meet your goals. So from the three options below, choose the one that best describes your status and learn about our services.

    My company is not online and I don't know how to start

    So far you have been operating offline. It’s possible that your competitors are already online, and you, efficient entrepreneur, don’t want to give up your leadership jersey. Rightly so, it’s time to enter the digital world, and Strategic Ways will be your guide.

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    My business is online, but it's not working

    Your first steps online are behind you. You may have a social media account. You may have your first paid advertising campaign behind you too. BUT the results are far from your expectations. You need someone to take care of you and make the results appear. We are here to help you.

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    My business is online, but I want to expand my activities

    The current channel you are using is working as it should and bringing you benefits. It’s time to step up to the next level and make your presence known in new places. Do you need support in exploring unknown spaces? Like a lighthouse, Strategic Ways is happy to illuminate uncharted waters.

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    See the results we've achieved with our past clients.

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    Opinions of our customers

    Customers about us

    How successful we are at marketing our clients is reflected in their reviews, so you can learn the most about working with us.


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